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Ethos Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft PowerBI is the market leader when it comes to Business Intelligence. The simple, easy, fast and professional tool to create any type of analysis.

Ethos is an expert in the tool and can execute projects that start in the collection strategy, transformation and treatment and end in professional dashboards.

Microsoft Power BI Training – Using the BI market’s leading tool can be challenging for those who have never been in front of this solution. Ethos provides in-company and distance training to enable your employees to gain insight and get answers quickly.

If your need in BI is extensive and the knowledge of your business is in the hands of your employees, train them with us to obtain differentiated knowledge for your company.

SQL Reporting Services – Ethos has already developed more than 4,000 reports for the most diverse niches and the most diversified demands. All this being made available in a web interface with a free tool, called SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services.

All reports receive a simple web interface, with friendly filters and generate reports quickly and allows us to enjoy native exports to PDF, Excel, Word, etc.

If your company needs to create operational or managerial reports, consider using a free tool that connects to all databases on the market and, if you need help, call Ethos.

SQL Server Reporting Services Training

Ethos has vast experience in building with SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services. This powerful tool gives the end user a simple web interface to issue its reports and allows them to be exported to PDF, Excel, Word, etc.

Learning this tool can take you to another level, whether you are an IT employee or a consultant, take our online reporting course and become a differentiated professional in this market.