About Ethos

Professional business-to-business IT services

Ethos is a specialist in the realm of “Information Technology”.  Our objective is to provide businesses with the technology infrastructure and user support required to run a modern business effectively.   We have been in the market since 2004, initially as specialists in business management systems and, over the years, we have moved in to business intelligence, information security, IT management, corporate branding, and web services such as email, antivirus, and off-site backup services.

Ethos is committed to delivering a value-packed portfolio of IT-related services specifically designed to help businesses leverage technology to increase efficiency, reliability and profitability.

Your systems are our business. We value excellence and accuracy in the execution of services and, to prove it to the market, our team members have more than 30 international certifications from accredited instituions recognized world-wide in the areas of infrastructure, database and ERP management, cloud solutions and information security.


Enterprise Social Governance

Ethos believes in the ‘knock on’ value of social involvement within our local communities.  We maintain a social program with Nova Geração Brasil where we donate computers and technology hardware along with the services of a Digital Inclusion Teacher to help educate the local children.   The aim of Ethos’ involvement in the program is to reduce the technological gap between social classes in today’s society.  We believe that technology can change lives and create opportunities for lower income communities to thrive.

19 Years in Business

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2691 Users Supported

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