Software Licensing

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Keeping your software licensing up to date brings not only the security of buying a quality product where the supplier will offer you all the support in the installation and update, but also the guarantee of being in accordance with Law 9.610/1998, which provides for the application of a fine of up to 10 times the original value of the software. Another important factor in the decision to keep your software properly licensed is the issue of the security of your internal data, most of the time the use of pirated software opens doors to vulnerabilities in computers.

In addition, the credibility of your customers still has to be taken into account, working in the correct and legal way, it is much easier to add value to your product and convince your customer of the quality of your product / service.

How do Microsoft audits work?

It is important that after this contact from Microsoft that you never lie in a compliance process, pay attention to the agreed deadlines for delivery of documents that Microsoft requests, already contact your trusted reseller to arrange the regularization of the licenses, in case the your budget does not support implementing all the licenses, negotiate the installment with the auditor or even stagger the purchase during a certain period and you can also suggest cloud products that will facilitate regularization at a more affordable cost.

A Microsoft audit process is usually divided into 4 steps, they are:

  1. Survey of software inventory;
  2. Submission of licensing evidence;
  3. Microsoft’s Licensing GAP Review;
  4. Deadline for purchasing the missing licenses;

The purpose of a Microsoft audit will never be to close your company or lead you to respond to a lawsuit, the purpose will always be commercial, that is, it wants you to regularize by acquiring Microsoft products and thus regularizing your company. So it’s not a reason to panic, but attention!

Our License Products

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