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Ethos DPO

Formação DPO

Trilha de Conhecimentos Oficais EXIN

Para ajudar as empresas no trabalho de adequação às leis de privacidade, surge um novo papel: DPO (Data Protection Officer). Na LGPD, esse papel foi chamado de Encarregado de Proteção de Dados (EPD).Ao concluir este curso, você estará preparado para dois exames do EXIN: Privacy and Data Protection Foundation (PDPF), baseado no GDPR, e Essentials (PDPE), baseado na LGPD.

User Security Training

Get certified, it’s the law in Brazil.

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Microsoft Power BI Training

Learn how to create your own dashboards

Using the BI market’s leading tool can be challenging for those who have never been in front of this solution. Ethos provides in-company and distance training to enable your employees to gain insight and get answers quickly. If your need in BI is extensive and the knowledge of your business is in the hands of your employees, train them with us to obtain differentiated knowledge for your company.

SQL Server Reporting Services Training

Learn how to work with SQL Server Reporting Services

Ethos has vast experience in building with SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services. This powerful tool gives the end user a simple web interface to issue its reports and allows them to be exported to PDF, Excel, Word, etc.

Learning this tool can take you to another level, whether you are an IT employee or a consultant, take our online reporting course and become a differentiated professional in this market.

Cyber Security Training

Enable your front line of defense with online training

Cyber Security Training aims to help users and organizations understand the concept of preventing and detecting events that may negatively impact the breach or loss of data, whether personal data, sensitive personal data of its employees, partners or even data from the own business putting at risk industrial or even financial secrets.

Understanding information security, including cybernetics, helps in the maintenance and increases the maturity of data processing, responding to the CID pillars, Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data and its systems. Users trained in security and data protection are alert soldiers helping on the battlefront.

Cyber Security Week

A full week of events designed around business security

The information security week aims to demonstrate that the organization is seeking alignment with good security practices and also to demonstrate to stakeholders that it cares about the topic and is trying to incorporate an improvement in the culture of handling its data into daily activities.  It also has the opportunity to demonstrate to its employees that such a rich and comprehensive topic only makes sense if everyone gets involved, demonstrating to the market that its business environment is healthy and responsible, meeting not only the legislation that evokes such care, but is also focused on its survival in the face of so many vulnerabilities and that everyone is responsible for keeping the environment as safe as possible.