Security Packages

Ethos Security Packages are designed to offer different levels of protection for your business depending on currrent needs and threat levels.

Package #1: Basic – Our basic security package includes ISO 270001 diagnostics, All Aboard Training, an invitation to Ethos Cyber Security Week, and LGPD Implementation.

Package #2: Intermediate – All features included with our basic security package, plus: monitoring, server logs, server updates, firewall, internet connections, backups, server antivirus, SI Advisor (security information) role and implementation of SI policies, monthly security reports, threat analysis.

Package #3: Advanced – All features included with our basic and intermediate packages, plus:  endpoint monitoring, antivirus, email, data loss prevention (DLP),  SIEM, real-time threat monitoring via Ethos Security Operation Centre (SOC), Security Information Manager (SI), a dedicated security manager

Cyber Security

We help ensure your data and infrastructure are protected

Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO)

The CISO plays a very important role in the management of information security for any company. Taking care of data goes far beyond installing a firewall and antivirus, especially in today’s times, when we often deal with increasingly elaborate cyber threats.

Understanding that data goes through different states with different vulnerabilities, this professional needs to have a broader look and, above all, identify and assess potential risks, in addition to making sure that all employees are involved in good security practices. It is responsible for providing leadership, training opportunities and mentoring to the organization’s team.

Strategies for managing security also come from your vCISO, both in hardware and software, in policies, and even in the physical environment. Ensuring that everyone in the company adheres to the established rules, the CISO can be said to have overall responsibility for creating and maintaining more secure policies for the company with regard to how it handles information. In this way, their work is mainly preventive. The idea is to identify potential threats before they happen, in order to avoid more serious damage to the company and its reputation.

Cyber Security Audits

The Cyber Security audit uses international frameworks widely used by large corporations that have been tested and validated.  The NIST is a technical roadmap that helps companies understand their level of maturity in the application and vision of cybersecurity within the organization.

Its 5 basic functions with 23 categories and 108 subcategories respond to normative references such as COBIT, ISO 27001, 27002, 27001 and several others. Thus, the search for good practices becomes more assertive in a shorter time. Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover, that’s our mission.

User Security Training

Ethos provides online virtual training courses to help employees get up to speed on staying safe with personal and business data.Ethos LGPD Treinamento Certificado de Conclusao